Sunday, October 11, 2009

Soccer and dance

We are those kinds of parents. The kind that try to "instill" a love of whatever activity/sport that we love into our kids. Thus, Caden is in soccer and Soleil is in dance. Both kids seem to love it! I am such a proud mama!

Caden (on the left side dribbling the ball) is becoming a soccer stud!

Caden got the "player of the week" award on his very first game!

Soleil loves her tap/ballet class. And I have no idea how to turn this picture.
Shuffle, ball, step across the room


Jill said...

Yay for brainwashing!! Avery is in a dance class too. I make her practice her moves at home. Spencer bought Logan a basketball hoop. So far neither is very coordinated. Oh well!

Mike and Judy said...

Little girls in dance classes are the most entertaining thing ever. I loved tap dancing. Now if Soleil wants to play soccer you'd better sign her up if you don't want to become sexist!

Kierstin said...

Way to go Caden!! He looks so cute and so good! And I love the pictures of cute!

Sara LaClaire said...

omg! i love it. miss you guys. we're coming out to cali next week for about a week. i think the closest we'll get to san diego is disneyland. :D

Jen said...

Soleil was born to dance! Look how cute she is? You guys are great parents for "motivating" your kiddos.